Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Project Process - Nordlys & Tekstil Inspirert

So it turns out I've had to make some "slight" alterations to my project! Being that so far the most successful design I'd completed was the previous Dala Horse. Whilst I've tried to retain my illustrative style to fit with traditional fok art, I've found that to be applicable to a current market it has to be modernised. This, in addition with a lot of contemporary artists I've researched matching the minimal style, means that a lot of my work is going to have to be simplified.

I've wanted to draw the Northern Lights in some way for so long and I'd never found a way to go about it. This was a sketch on paper that took two minutes and I think it works so well. It's minimal, aesthetical and functional which is my aim for at least one of the two collections I have to complete. As this is for gift wrap, perhaps I can afford to be a little more decorative when it comes to creating a collection for greetings cards.
Edit: I made alterations to the Nordlys pattern and added an additional one. Tekstil Inspirert means Textile Inspired (such an original title!). I adore the folk art influence but now I am wondering if the colours combined with the deer and winter trees are a bit too Christmasy? Thoughts appreciated