Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Project Process - Moodboards

I've always failed when trying to blog consistently about my current projects so I'm going to try again with this one, especially considering after the middle of next month I'll have my dissertation out of the way and nothing else to concentrate on. My current project is a free brief and I've based it on folk art, specifically Scandinavian (yes, this is like an old record isn't it). It is the persistent use of so many bright colours alongside flora and fauna intertwined in an almost narrative element that makes me so attracted to the style. My aim for this project is convey this style with my signature intricate illustrative style, drawing inspiration from original styles of Scandinavian folk art and more contemporary artists who use this theme within their work.

To get the project started I drew up four moodboards with colour trends from the upcoming season from forecasters WGSN. Hopefully you can see the links between traditional and contemporary folk art. Of course, in traditional 'me' style there is some Marimekko and Moomins thrown in there too!

I'll be back with some more posts later which include my drawings from this project and a little problem I'm having regarding brand/blog/career identity.


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