Monday, 5 November 2012

For Inspiration - Stella Vine

Stella Vine has been my favourite artist for about 5 years now, but as a textile design student it was never really going to be relevant or complimentary to my own style. So this year I decided to take a module in Contemporary Art where I'd be able to practise writing critically from both a theoretical and aesthetical viewpoint, partly for fun, partly in preparation for my dissertation. I've looked at comparing the visual and personal elements of Stella Vine's work to the feminist theories behind the work of Bulgarian/French philosopher Julia Kristeva, relating all possible perceptions to the idea of the alien woman for it is without choice that both women in their own industries are feminists.

“It was perhaps also necessary to be a woman to attempt to take up the exorbitant wager of carrying the rationalist project to the outer borders of the signifying venture of men”
Julia Kristeva
Writing in such an academic manner is something that is very new to me, so I'll let you know how I get on, but for now I hope you enjoy my favourite pieces of Stella Vine's work, most of them are available for you to view in all their high resolution glory at Stella's tumblr here.


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