Wednesday, 8 May 2013

For Inspiration - Anna Emilia Laitinen

Doing all of this project work and requiring a little break, I must confess my feet are getting a little itchy and my heart a little sore. The paintings of Anna Emilia Laitinen are sending me crazy for my dreamland, Finland.

In a visual sense, Anna Emilia's paintings embody everything I love about Finland: the forests, lakes, the architecture of houses and how everything is so close to nature. Anna cites that "the weather gives colour to my paintings" and you can see that each piece has a theme that draws on the icy, blustery winds of autumn, blankets of snow from winter and the brighter hues from springs and summer. Her works with florals are nothing short of exquisite and combine technical composition with an immense amount of detail and a well composed colour palette to create wonderful representations of Nordic nature.

Be sure to take a look at Anna Emilia's Weather Diary where she writes beautifully poetic posts of her thoughts, ideas, works in progress, and of course, so many wonderful photographs of her beautiful homeland.


  1. woww i have never seen her works before, i think they are amazing! It's a always a pleasure to discover new things ♥