Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Drawings & Illustrations - An Owl From Sweden

And here is what I have been working on in my spare time for what seems like forever now. I'm not sure if the owl really did come from Sweden but he is accompanied by bold colours and design from textiles so yes, he has to be! The second brighter print you see was inspired by a book that became my bible last semester at University. It was a beautifully bound box filled with individual sheets and a reference guide to traditional Swedish textiles, predominantly woven designs and tapestries. Of course, the colours weren't this bright but I've tried to create an even mix, using modern and traditional elements of Scandinavian design. The owl was drawn on a surface that measures 45x45cm which is around 5000x5000 pixels, so you can understand that when drawn with a brush that measures 3 pixels it is a bit time consuming. I am still not satisfied with this but I must love and leave it at this.

If you are in love with the Swedish owl, John's birds, carousels, whales or anything else I've drawn then you can buy them from my store on Society 6. It's a wonderful community and I've already had many beautiful messages and sales (yay!). Now I am heading back to University there couldn't be a better time for shameless self promotion.